Mindfulness at work
A growing number of organisations, large and small, offer mindfulness training to their staff to promote wellbeing at work. Mindfulness training should be part of a wider strategy to address workplace stress and develop thriving organisational cultures.
We work with purpose-driven non-profit organisations and social enterprises which are interested in the role that mindfulness can play in promoting positive change for people and organisations.
Mindways offers:

  • Consultancy on how mindfulness training can fit into a wider organisational change strategy to promote wellbeing and creativity.
  • Taster sessions and workshops to introduce employees to the science and practice of mindfulness.
  • Mindfulness training courses, comprising 1, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions for six or eight weeks, tailored to meet the specific needs of your workplace.
  • Handbooks, audio files for home practice, and other training materials tailored to meet the specific needs of your workplace.

Our trainer has over 12 years’ experience in various roles for large international organisations, as well as small businesses and community organisations. This enables us to understand the challenges people face at work, adapt courses to suit different audiences and create training interventions that make a lasting difference.
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Case Study: Westminster City Council
Following a well-received taster session, Mindways designed and delivered a six-week mindfulness course for 15 participants at Westminster City Council.
During six one-hour sessions covering different themes, participants were introduced to a range of mindfulness techniques and practical tools to manage stress and improve wellbeing, as well as enhance focus and communication skills. Between the sessions, participants developed their mindfulness skills by following audio tracks of guided practices every day, and by learning to be more present, aware and focused during daily activities at home and at work.
Following positive evaluation of the course’s impact, we have now run a further four courses, reaching a total of 58 employees during a 12 month period, 2017-18.
Feedback from participants:
‘This course helped me in a variety of ways. I learnt to be more present in the moment, instead of trying to do five things at once. I learnt to control my stress reactions which has helped me to deal with pressure and stress in an effective and efficient way. It has also helped me with my sleep. I have come away feeling more resilient and grounded and armed with a workbook and an understanding of many different exercises that I can use whenever I feel the need – always daily, sometimes multiple times a day!’
‘I found the sessions invigorating and felt refreshed and eager to continue practising after each weekly session. I liked the variety within the sessions very much. Mindfulness courses can feel monotonous but I found different activities very stimulating and I liked pair work and sharing of experiences with other course participants.’
‘I enjoyed the course and found that it really did give me practical ways to defuse stressful situations. Other benefits: I found myself listening mindfully to what is being said to me in both personal and work environments and I now try to use the 3 step breathing space as a quick way to clear my head to become present when my thoughts are in overdrive. I would recommend this course.’
‘The mindfulness course was very well structured with a very supportive learning environment, excellent audio and handbook guidance and a non-judgemental approach encouraged by our facilitator. I have begun to be able to stay focused on the present, I feel more calm and I have started to re-evaluate some stressful situations which is pleasing.’


Case Study: WWF-UK
Mindways designed and delivered a successful taster session followed by a six-week mindfulness course for 15 participants at WWF-UK, the UK head office of the global environmental charity. The weekly sessions were 1.5 hours, and participants were supported to establish the regular mindfulness practice that is important to sustain beneficial outcomes.
Feedback from participants:
‘I really enjoyed the course. I found it hugely beneficial and very quickly noticed the benefits in my day to day life – managing stress and anxiety, noticing my physical and emotional state and how they relate. The power and benefits of mindful listening. I value having the range of meditations we’ve been guided through – in principle, even for the busiest person, there’s always a meditation that can be fitted into the day.’
‘I really enjoyed doing the exercises and felt a lot calmer, centred and happier. I feel I have learned valuable skills for handling my stress levels and emotions both at work and in my personal life. I will carry on doing the exercises and practising mindfulness. Those around me will benefit from my more zenful nature.’
‘I sincerely hope that Luke, and WWF, will repeat this regularly and help create a mindful mindset amongst colleagues. Mindfulness is brilliant!’


Mindways has delivered mindfulness trainings for:
Westminster City Council
City of London Corporation
Wandsworth Council
Vital Regeneration
Disability Rights UK
Mind in Camden
New Economy Organisers Network