I’ve been exploring mindfulness and natural awareness for around 20 years, and the huge value this has brought to my own life led me to train to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), the well-established 8-week programme. Since 2014 I’ve been designing and facilitating courses in diverse communities and workplaces in London, Cambridge (where I am now based) and online.

My approach has evolved and has been inspired in particular by the nondual wisdom that many different contemplative traditions have in common. This emphasises interconnectedness, effortlessness, and discovering the innate clarity and unconditional wellbeing that resides within us all. My work now is focused on sharing what I have found to be the most effective, direct and accessible approaches with whoever is interested in seeing for themselves what they have to offer.

Before moving in this direction I worked for non-profit organisations on education and environmental issues. I really valued this experience but felt that much of the time I was working to address symptoms rather than underlying causes, such as the conventional assumptions about ourselves and the world that shape policies, decision making and behaviour. I became interested in the interdependence of inner and outer change, and my current work continues to be infused by a desire to promote forms of wellbeing that are sustainable – both for ourselves and the wider web of life of which we are part.

Luke Wreford, natural awareness facilitator

Some feedback from mindfulness course participants

A brilliant, well-organised course – excellent facilitator whose knowledge and commitment to personalising the experience for each individual was extremely useful. 

Luke created a very good atmosphere: inclusive, fun, entertaining, interesting. Just about perfect.

Mindfulness makes such sense and Luke is able to communicate this with clarity and enthusiasm. I would like to thank him for his kindness and support and recommend him without reserve.

Luke is a gifted teacher and a trailblazer for the mindfulness movement, with compassion, patience and gentle guidance in abundance.

Luke is an excellent trainer – he has a calm and refreshing demeanour and I enjoyed the pace of his teaching.

Luke is a welcoming, kind and encouraging facilitator who gives his students the right amount of guidance whilst providing a safe and peaceful environment. I am a better person for completing this course and can recommend it highly.