Testimonials from graduates of the Mindways 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course
‘The eight week MBSR course offered by Mindways has been the best investment I have ever made in myself. Luke is a welcoming, kind and encouraging facilitator who gives his students the right amount of guidance on technique whilst providing a safe and peaceful environment in which to develop their practice, explore their stress triggers and share their experience. I am a better person for completing this course and can recommend it highly.’
Linda, Surrey
A life-changing course. Luke led the course with great calmness, which gave me the confidence to ask questions and talk about my experiences. I learnt a lot of tools to deal with stress, all of which can be used in everyday life.’
Hilary, Balham
‘A brilliant, well-organised course – excellent facilitator whose knowledge and commitment to personalising the experience for each individual was extremely useful. I would definitely recommend this course.’
Elizabeth, Croydon
‘Mindfulness makes such sense and Luke is able to communicate this with clarity and enthusiasm. I would like to thank him for his kindness and support and recommend him without reserve.’
Laura, Forest Hill
‘This course came at just the right time for me and it helped me to wake up a bit from the fug and confusion I was experiencing and actually made me realise that I always had been feeling that way to a greater or lesser extent. Now I feel more able to notice how I’m feeling and what I’m doing and thinking, stop and take the time and space to bring awareness to my feelings and become more aware of what’s happening around me too.’
M, Mitcham
‘Learning mindfulness has truly made a difference in my life, particularly in my ability to handle stress, in my relationships and my general well-being. I found the course at Mindways to be very engaging, learning practical techniques and sharing with others. Luke, the trainer, was very humble, a great listener and facilitated discussion well. The retreat day was absolutely brilliant and a highlight of the course! I would definitely recommend this course to others.’
Sharon, Wimbledon
‘I am so pleased that I tried, and completed this course. It has given me many tools to deal with the stressful situations life throws at me from time to time. It is really a treasure for me that I have discovered mindfulness.’
Krisztina, Balham
‘I feel that I’m a different person for the better after completing the mindfulness course. Luke’s class was excellent at helping me discover and learn about the different aspects of mindfulness. I not only feel a much calmer, more peaceful person, but also a lot of issues that have affected me have been addressed by mindfulness. A great, positive, rewarding experience and I’m very glad that I took this course.’
Chris, Streatham Common
‘The course gave me a chance to evaluate my life and provided me with coping mechanisms to deal with problems. My health has improved and I am a calmer person. With the support of the group and Luke the trainer, my life has changed for the better.’
Barbara, Coulsdon
‘Luke created a very good atmosphere: inclusive, fun, entertaining, interesting. Just about perfect.’
Christopher, Balham
‘This is a fantastic course for anyone who wants to reduce stress and appreciate living in the moment more. You learn lots of practical ways to relax your body and mind, and communicate with other people better.’
Clare, Crystal Palace
‘As a typical city worker trying to squeeze too much in I found solace studying with like-minded people who shared a common goal. Luke is an excellent trainer – he has a calm and refreshing demeanour and I enjoyed the pace of his teaching. The course itself was fantastic – it’s had a huge impact on my life and I can genuinely recommend it!’
Fiona, Weybridge
‘Brilliant. It’s really helped me to cope with my chronic pain condition and I’ve noticed big improvements.’
Jenny, Streatham Hill
‘Really happy with the course. I’ve been so much more productive at work, it’s given me a better overall picture of what’s going on instead of being immersed in a fog of work, so I’ve been able to plan and think ahead more, be more efficient as my mind is more focused on the job rather than half thinking about something else! It’s also helped me immensely with dealing with my own thought patterns and learning how to be aware of them and accept them. I’ve been feeling much happier and more relaxed since the course and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving their quality of life.’
Kate, Tooting
‘I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Luke proved a great guide to the tools and concepts of mindfulness. Over the course of the 8-week programme, he introduced us to a number of meditation practices that I am still using now. He fostered a friendly and supportive atmosphere and I felt a shared sense of purpose (and a lot of compassion and support!) from the other people on the course. I really recommend this course to anyone who suffers from anxiety, stress, difficulties in concentration, or a tendency to be drawn away from the present moment by recurring thoughts, worries, or plan-making.’
Susan, West Norwood
‘The course was great. Luke facilitated the sessions really well and the practices/meditations we did both in class and for homework were really helpful. During the course I noticed lots of things about myself, which was really useful. I would recommend the course to anyone.’
Dan, Clapham
‘This is an excellent course that guides with care and attention – not intruding but facilitating; not directing but enabling.’
Rosie, Wandsworth Common
‘Luke is a gifted teacher and a trailblazer for the mindfulness movement, with compassion, patience and gentle guidance in abundance. The MBSR course was very helpful and possibly even, when it has sunk in, life-changing. If you are considering giving mindfulness a whirl, you couldn’t be in better hands.’
Clare, Southfields